I'm a real live person again!

Now I just have to catch up on everything that has been happening, so if anything huge has happened feel free to tell me!
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Oh! You missed it! There was a huge thing when they announced that next year on NCIS, Tony's apartment burns down and he has to move in with Gibbs who inexplicably doesn't have a spare room so they have to share a bed! Of course, Tony gets whumped (not sure how yet) and Ziva is jealous and plans to break them up only Abby slips her a mickey and they keep her in an autopsy drawer until they can figure out what to do with her. McGee and Palmer have gone on vacation to the south of France but no one thought it weird that they were both going to the same place at the same time and Ducky's planning to join the circus.

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Hey welcome back!! We missed you ;-)

The only thing you missed on my part was me bitching a lot- so no change there ;-p

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Oh dear! How did I ever survive without reading your b*tching? ;-)

glad to be back

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I am sure you survived quite well! :-) After all my b#$ing is the same old same old.

How was your trip? Any other adventures we should know about?

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Not trip, moved..... temporarily at least. I just sunk paycheck into DSL.

As for adventure, I'm working on a farm in New England...... very freaky. On the upside, taking a few classes at UCONN while up here, I'm thinking of enrolling into their grad program, that is if I can live with living in CT.

Missing FL but i'll see how I feel in a few weeks

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I missed everyone, I felt alone and adrift on the sea of life, and even worse, life in a new place.

On the upside........... lots of fic to wade through on my day off


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