Thanks to the promo pictures of Aliyah 6x25 posted by the lovely [ profile] pruhall I had a disturbing thought.

Or well, multiple thoughts....

What if Rivkin was investigating Ziva for her father?
What dear old Daddy-Director was having suspicions about her daughter?
What if he was starting to doubt how Ari actually died?
What if Tony spilled the beans?
What if the reason they are in Israel is to sort out where to go from there?

And last Crazy please-just-let-it-be-my-crazy-mind-and-they-don't-go-there... What if Ziva got herself preggers and Gibbs ends up claiming it as his? Pick a reason why; it's really Rivkin's and he turned out to be Hamas, Gibbs is afraid it's Tony's and that Daddy David would have him bumped off, it is Tony's but Ziva got him drunk first (must have a Tony!Whumped option)

:sigh: I really shouldn't look at promo pictures, I always get crazy ideas from them

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