Thanks to the promo pictures of Aliyah 6x25 posted by the lovely [ profile] pruhall I had a disturbing thought.

Or well, multiple thoughts....

What if Rivkin was investigating Ziva for her father?
What dear old Daddy-Director was having suspicions about her daughter?
What if he was starting to doubt how Ari actually died?
What if Tony spilled the beans?
What if the reason they are in Israel is to sort out where to go from there?

And last Crazy please-just-let-it-be-my-crazy-mind-and-they-don't-go-there... What if Ziva got herself preggers and Gibbs ends up claiming it as his? Pick a reason why; it's really Rivkin's and he turned out to be Hamas, Gibbs is afraid it's Tony's and that Daddy David would have him bumped off, it is Tony's but Ziva got him drunk first (must have a Tony!Whumped option)

:sigh: I really shouldn't look at promo pictures, I always get crazy ideas from them


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My theory is that she is spying for daddy. Her comments about following orders, and that people "have there reasons" for doing things make me think she knows she is doing something that the team would not approve of.

I guess we shall see.

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At this point in time they've just thrown out too many little bread crumbs. I guess we'll see soon enough

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Oh yeah they have been spreading crumbs like crazy and the fans are all over the place. I have seen some speculation that CdP is pregers and will only be back as a reoccurring cast member (and that is from TIVA fans) so who knows what other kind of crazy stuff is out there.

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I was scared at first but now I find it funny. They make themselves nuts.

Their theories are just so out there. Mine are kind of nuts but at least mine are somewhat possible.

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I may post scary crazy ideas, but I *say* they are scary crazy ideas that won't happen and can only be supported by twisting facts to suit my purpose...... but then that *is* what us Historians do ;-)
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She went to the sperm bank in Ohio and had artificial insemination done. She's going to try and 'sell' the kid to Daddy D. so she'll have money to continue Ari's work.

(Hey, *you* started off with the wacko theories!)

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Oh that is fantastically cracked!

Of course when Gibbs found out (because he is Gibbs and knows everything) he made the mistake of yelling "If anyone is going to have DiNozzo's baby it's me!"

And it was at that point that Tony fell down the stairs and broke his arm.

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And of course Daddy Davids garbled reports just say "Your daughter is pregnant by Agent DiNozzo for Agent Gibbs, and a bank is somehow involved" and Director Vance can't answer his phone calls because he is having to have surgery to remove the toothpick he swallowed.

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And now they all have to go to Israel in person to explain to Daddy David that neither DiNozzo nor Gibbs is sleeping with his daughter, nor want to but that Gibbs demands the kid no matter what DiNozzo says about the matter.
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And when they get back, they're met at the airport by a phalanx of Daddy DiNozzo's lawyers demanding rights to his grandchild.

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And at that point Gibbs waives the Israeli marriage certificate in his face and tells Daddy DiNozzo that he is legally the father, but that his fifth wife is very understanding about his having a mistress (and at this point Tony whacks him) that is a lover on the side ;-)
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Tony then introduces his dad to his new "daughter-in-law". Gibbs can't decide who he should glare at most and decides to whack Ziva instead because she's still whining about not understanding why Gibbs got to marry her "soul mate".


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