Spoilers behind cut

Okay, the line about wearing gloves while playing chess with a forensic scientist was great. Oh, and I loved Abby's 'funeral' clothes that she was wearing for most of the episode.

Alright, all told not a bad episode. It won't go to the top ten but as an Abby centric episode it had some nice Abby moments and we got to see her out of the lab and NCIS some, though most of it was in another lab. The premise with the fake/real research was a bit flimsy and over thought, like they were trying too hard to give the episode twists but it did allow Abby to get really mad and burst into interrogation.

The scene with Ziva and Gibbs searching the car was great. I loved that Gibbs snapped at Ziva and with none of the sense of amusement that he exhibits with Tony in similar situations. Oh, and having Gibbs choose to take Tony instead of Ziva later was a nice touch.

I did *not* like the end with Tony having to help clean the lab with McGee and Palmer. Tony was not at fault for the mess, in fact he tried to stop McGee and told him the correct way but McGee was all on his 'I have a degree in biomedical engineering from John Hopkins along with numerous other degrees' high horse and wouldn't listen. I now have a craving for Smart!Tony stories, where he smacks down McGee.

McGee is really starting to annoy me majorly with his 'lets put down Tony' shtick.

I'd guess I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10 with 5 being absolute middle average.
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