I've been working my way through my bookmarks (so I can update [livejournal.com profile] ncis_themes ) on delicous, weeding out unnecessary ones, adding new ones, fixing summaries and things like that. One of the tags I've added is 'character piece' to denote fics, normally short, whose plots are basically a character contemplating themselves or another and what makes them tic. The question is should I expand that to include fics in which one character gets an insight into another character or realize they *don't* really know a character as well as they thought.
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I love character studies. I see no reason why they can't be done from an external POV, either.

From: [identity profile] etrangerici.livejournal.com

ooooh. good question. i think you could and that it makes sense to do that. i can think of a few mcgee or kate get a clue about dinozzo fics that would work under a character piece tag.

i vote yes on that one.

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OOOH I think that the Character insight is a great idea.... I would love to read stories like that.... Those are my favorite...


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